Demanding real food in a world of imitation.


Conversations about the food industry, sugar and obesity have gotten louder than ever before. And the growing demand for real food quickly led Chobani to become the country’s number one yogurt brand.

But inferior competitors were moving in, peddling imitation “Greek” yogurt filled with the chemicals and additives Chobani decried. So we needed to join the bigger food conversation, right away. With a leader’s voice.

Tapping creative talent from Texas to New York and Milan—and right here in Boston—we crafted a campaign we called "Go Real." A rallying cry to not only defend Chobani’s right to the market, but to boldly declare their philosophy. Sparked by countless examples of Chobani-love in social media channels, our work featured real people instead of actors, real life instead of cliché: in short, authentic moments of spontaneous love for the product.

RESULTS: The campaign led to significant increases in both dollar and volume share and was instrumental in Walmart’s decision to carry Chobani nationwide. It also contributed to the national conversation about what we eat, how it’s made, and what’s real.