Cushman & Wakefield


You’re one of the top three real estate firms in the world.
What’s next?


Cushman & Wakefield had one shot at making a first impression as the public go-to player in the dynamic new world of global commercial real estate. 

“What’s next?” was a bold, simple declaration of leadership. It held its own as a phrase on banners at the NYSE, but it was more than a marketing campaign. Top executives didn’t ring the bell; 14 ambassadors representing what's next across the firm and around the world did. 

On IPO day, a bold, fresh “what’s next” web experience sat on top of the company site. We interviewed the ambassadors and created individual ads using each one to demonstrate yet another facet of excellence and expertise. 

Part consumer marketing, part B-to-B, part business prospecting, part morale building, part recruitment marketing and all heart, the campaign rolled out in key markets around the world over the next four weeks. Now what’s next? The stock is still rising.


What we did:

Evolved the brand to reflect the new global organization
Featured employees at the core of the global campaign
Delivered against an ambitious timeline, in secret
Launched an integrated global campaign on the day of the NYSE listing