A powerful promise:
energy brings us together.

Welcome to Eversource. Take a look at the video that greeted employees on Monday morning.

The merger of six operating companies created a singular opportunity to reset customer expectations under one new name.

Overnight Eversource became the largest energy brand in New England. Job One was to unite thousands of dedicated employees across three states behind one goal: to better serve New England.

It was important that customers not be confused about the new name. But success depended on more than awareness. Customer satisfaction for reliability and service for the previous brands had been inconsistent, despite the reality of strong operational performance.

Our campaign united employees across three states, reminding them and all the people they serve that Eversource is truly focused on being the energy leader in New England.

RESULTS: Within a year, Eversource scored 100% in aided recognition and 73% in unaided. Customer satisfaction with reliability and restoration service improved. And, working together, the employees delivered the best year ever for customers.