The New Health Care needed a new way to communicate.


Steward had a huge idea: changing the way health care is delivered in America.

And they were showing big results – growing at a meteoric pace and garnering national press attention to their every move. But at the heart of it, health care is a deeply personal, high-touch business: we needed to portray the authentic face of both Steward’s success and the customers they care for.

So we built our campaign on a simple concept: every person at Steward is a committed steward of The New Health Care. And while most advertisers continued to portray people 65+ (the largest segment of Steward’s patients) with outdated generalizations and clichés, we showed them differently—as they really are. Add all this up, and we had a fresh way to announce a new kind of health care.

Finally, we launched in an unexpected place for hospital advertising: the Olympics—immediately putting the brand in a high-quality, blue-chip environment and associating the people of Steward with the heroic, uplifting personal drama of the athletes.

RESULTS: Established as a brand in 2011, in just four years Steward earned a 37% awareness. In 2016 this success led in part to a $1.2 billion recapitalization, setting the stage for national growth.