Tufts Health Plan


Answering the call.

It’s what we do.


Beyond the features and benefits of a health plan is the essence of what an organization really is. Not the promises it makes, but the actions it takes. 

To create new life in the well-trodden category of heath care, we looked into the heart of Tufts Health Plan. And what we found was a company based on people going the extra mile—the people behind the card and the people who carry the card. And people communicate through stories. 

The stories in this campaign live in the world where users are in control and decide for themselves what intrigues them. So we told the stories in the ways people wanted to consume them - on a social feed, on YouTube, on paper, in e-mail. We didn't shoot a TV spot and jam it into social media. We shot for social media, and ran it on TV.

Whether our stories inspire, educate or lead the way, they support one simple idea: it’s what’s behind the card that’s different.

What we did:

Strategic brand repositioning
Member- and employee-centric content

Television, outdoor, streaming audio, social
Content hub design