For more than 150 years, here for Massachusetts.


The University of Massachusetts—a powerful university system with a stirring legacy—was facing serious challenges with perception: opinion leaders failed to understand the economic and societal impacts that UMass was having on the Commonwealth every year.

The truth provided the most compelling answer. This institution that began with a stroke of Abraham Lincoln’s pen was now a dynamic center of transformative education, groundbreaking research and impactful public service, fueling cutting-edge technologies and businesses and educating the workforce of an economy that played on a world stage. We put the message into a bold statement: UMass. Here for a reason.

We launched with the swagger of a never-before-seen four-page wrap of the entire Boston Globe. Created TV spots using the voices of real faculty and students from each campus. And reached farther still with an online and social campaign.

RESULTS: The authenticity of the creative created a proud rallying cry across the entire system. And a 14% increase in perceptions of quality attributes from key target segments.