An invitation to listen. A call to connect.


WBUR boasted the biggest NPR newsroom in the country, and was creating some of NPR’s most popular nationally syndicated programming.

But competing with a second NPR station in the Boston market meant an audience with countless other programming options. So how do you attract new listeners, increase ratings, and drive more clicks for online content?

Data showed that once people experienced WBUR, they wanted more. So we communicated the unique feel of WBUR through bold visuals and fresh language. To an audience that yearns for insight, we brought a promise: Your world. In a new light. We drove engagement and trial at every opportunity—from the first-ever interactive bus shelter to run in the Boston market, to a strategic social campaign that propelled WBUR from an RSS feed to a targeted, sustainable engagement engine.

RESULTS: In the first year, YTD ratings went from 0.3 to 0.4—a 33% increase. In radio, the average time spent listening is measured in AQH persons: WBUR’s AQH persons went from 15,300 to 16,300, beating competitor WGBH’s increase from 9,000 persons to 9,400. Our interactive bus shelters attracted 7,422 unique users during their 6-week flight. Online, we saw over 7 million impressions, a CTR of 0.46% and an engaged user rate of 16%. Clickable Pandora display ads had a nearly 20% engagement rate.